• Goût de France

    Goût de France is a unique opportunity to taste the best of France.

    2000 chefs, 2000 menu, 5 continents, a menu to celebrate French gastronomy! 



    Perfect Egg 64®c,

    Smoked Salmon | Green Asparagus | Salmon Roe (Gluten Free)


    Monkfish of the Fisherman,

    Artichoke | Potato | Tarragon (Shellfish allergen contains)


    Cheese Platter

    Goat Cheese Ossau Iraty | Gelée of Piment d’Espelette | Walnut | Black Cherry (Gluten Free, Nuts contains)


    The Strawberry

    Shortbread | Strawberry | White Cheese | Sweet Pesto ( Nuts contains)